I Support Teachers

Show your support for teachers facing multiple attacks on their pay, their workload and their wellbeing.

Unsustainable rises in working hours, pay freezes and inadequate pay offers, and massive adverse impacts on teachers’ mental health are creating anger in the profession after teachers have been ‘right in the eye of the storm’ for two years.

Our children’s potential to contribute positively to the future of our society and our economy is directly linked to the hard work, dedication and professionalism of our teachers. Every child from every background can develop a passion for education and deserves to realise their goals and ambitions.

Yet teachers’ pay has gone down by at least 20% in real terms since 2010. That’s at least £40,000 worse off for a typical classroom teacher than they would have been had pay kept pace with inflation.

Forty per cent of new teachers leave within the first five years. Two in three say they are seriously considering leaving the job. This exodus of teachers and head teachers from the profession is blighting the efforts of schools and colleges to secure the education recovery that children and young people deserve.

The NASUWT is clear that an immediate programme of pay restoration is needed, commencing with at least a 12% pay award this year for all teachers, recognising the 20% real-terms reduction to the value of teachers’ pay since 2010.

Immediate intervention is needed from the Government to secure a better deal for teachers, including reinstating fair pay, a reasonable workload and peace of mind for teachers.

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