Email your MP to ensure migrant women can access domestic abuse support

In March, three amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill passed with cross-party support in the House of Lords to ensure that migrant women have access to equal protection.

Together, we can email our MPs to ask them to ensure that these important amendments are retained when the Bill comes back to the House of Commons on 15 April.

The amendments are:

  • Clause 40: Extending eligibility for the existing Domestic Violence (DV) Rule and Destitution Domestic Violence Concession (DDVC) to all migrant women experiencing or at risk of abuse
  • Clause 41: An end to the police unnecessarily sharing victims information with immigration enforcement
  • Clause 43: A commitment to providing equally effective protection and support regardless of immigration status, in line with the Istanbul Convention.

You can find more information on the amendments and why they're necessary in the joint Domestic Abuse Bill: Migrant Women Briefing. You can also read powerful testimonies from migrant survivors in Migrant Women and the Domestic Abuse Bill.

Migrant women should have equal access to support without discrimination after domestic abuse and we need our MPs to make that happen.

Please take part in our campaign.